Release 16 Notes: March 2022

This article outlines the major features and fixes added in Sprint 16:




Weekly Schedule Improvements

We have updated the My Schedule screen to make the selected activity easier to read as you scroll through them! We have also fixed Russian and Hebrew language translations based on feedback.

Easy Access to Tutorial Videos 

You can now press the ‘info’ button on their UniTV remotes to access the Help Videos folder in the Video Library.

Activity Screen Improvements

We have created more room for video feeds in live activities by removing the ‘hints’ panel from the bottom of the screen and the activity name from the top of the screen. The activity name will reappear temporarily when you move between buttons on screen!


Add Family Members / Contacts to Calls Tile

The calls feature for tablet devices now allows you to add your own contacts and family members! To add a family member, you can follow the same instructions shown here.


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