Release 15 Notes: February 2022

This article outlines the major features and fixes added in Sprint 15:




Live Activities

We have added several new improvements to our Live Activities! We have increased the size of the button icons and simplified their text to make them easier to navigate, and we have added carousel navigation inside of activities to make it easier to navigate between the buttons.

Additionally, activities that are about to be live will appear on the Activities page as open to you 5 minutes before the activity starts.

Calls Feature

When your family member accepts your invitation to download and set up the Uniper Mobile App, you will now receive a notification on your uniTV device. Selecting the ‘Open’ button and pressing OK will open the Calls screen.

We have also added a text message notification that will be sent to your family member if you try and fail to call them 3 times.

In addition to the new notifications, we have added a calling sound when you make calls through your TV, and updated the outgoing call screen. We have also added a ‘Family Member Already Exists' error message for when you try to add a number that is already connected to you or another Uniper member.

Tablet & Mobile

Calls Feature for Tablet

If you use the tablet version of Uniper you can now make calls, receive calls, and view your contacts through your tablet!

NOTE: Currently you cannot add contacts through your tablet’s interface. This feature will be added in the next release.

Family Members

Family Member App

We have added clear error messages for permission issues within your version of the Uniper App. These messages come with instructions on how to resolve these issues.

We have also added a text message notification that will be sent to you when your member tries and fails to call you 3 times through their uniTV. This text message will be sent to the family member immediately after the third missed call.


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