Release 17 Notes: April 2022

This article outlines the major features and fixes added in Release 17:




Informative Loading Screens

You may now see customized loading screens on your UniTV! These screens are meant to help you with learning all aspects of using your Uniper device.

Live Activities: Gallery View Enhancements

You can now see up to 20 participants in your UniTV live activities! The host will always appear on the first Gallery view page. This means that your Gallery view can now display up to 20 videos on UniTV, up to 16 videos on tablets, up to 12 videos on mobile devices, and up to 9 videos on the web (or up to 25 videos if you use the Zoom desktop app with the Uniper Web platform).

Low Battery TV Pop-up

When your Uniper Remote’s battery is getting low or close to empty, you will receive a pop-up telling you to change its batteries! The pop-up will appear only while you are using your UniTV, and can be interrupted by other Uniper pop-ups so you never miss a call or a live activity. If you close the pop-up and don’t replace your batteries, this pop-up will appear again the next day.

New Support Pop-up

Sometimes our Uniper Support Team needs to remotely get into your box to help you solve or fix an issue; to do this, we connect it to our systems. When the box is being connected for the first time or reconnected later, you will see the pop-up shown above.

WARNING: Do not press any remote buttons while this pop-up is displayed, as it can interrupt the process.


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