April 2023: Two New Games & Smart Notifications


New Games (Matching Pairs & Memorize Patterns)

Two new games have been added: Matching Pairs and Memorize Patterns!

Matching Pairs Game

In the Matching Pairs game, you can use the left, right, up, down, and OK buttons on your Uniper Remote to find the matching pairs in the squares within 20 tries.

After finding all the pairs, you will receive a score out of 5 stars; if you do not complete the puzzle within the 20 tries, you receive 1 star.

Memorizing Patterns Game

In the Memorize Patterns game, you use the up, down, left, right, and OK buttons on your Uniper Remote to reveal the pattern.

When you have finished the pattern, you will receive a score out of 5 stars. If you get four errors before completing the pattern, you will receive an error screen and be asked to try again.

Photo Sharing Shortcut

If you don’t have contacts when you open your Photos tile, you will now be redirected to the contact adding screen.

Uniper Tablet App

Uninstall Button

The Uniper App now has an Uninstall button in the Settings page.

Uniper Mobile App

Account Changes

The Uniper Mobile App will now only be for family members connecting to their Uniper members. As a result, we have streamlined the login process to take your family members directly to the phone number input screen after the description screens.

Additional Updates

Smart Notifications

Notifications will now be sent to Uniper members who have not logged in to Uniper for more than two weeks, either through SMS, email, or on the web login page (if you use a Uniper Web account).

Family members who have been invited to connect through the Uniper App but have not set it up will also receive a notification after a few days.

Additional Updates

UniTV Reminders

UniTV Reminders will now time out automatically after in 60 seconds while in most screens in Uniper mode or 15 seconds when in Live Activities or TV mode.

Software Update After Set Up Wizard

To prevent the app from restarting in the middle of the set up wizard, any updates will now be postponed until after set up is completed.

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