September 2022: Pre-Recorded Activities

To provide you with a wider variety of content options, you can now enjoy pre-recorded activities from your Activities tile!

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Pre-Recorded Activities

When you open your activities tile, you will now see various activities with a “pre-recorded” tag in the upper left corner. To access a pre-recorded activity, select it and then press “OK”.

When you access a pre-recorded activity, you will see the screen above. Pre-recorded activities have a few differences from regular activities, but the main one is that you cannot use your camera and microphone.

Korean Langauge Support

You can now access your UniTV, Uniper Tablet, or Uniper Web accounts in Korean!

NOTE: Some features (like reminders and loading screens) are not available in Korean yet.

Daily SMS In Portuguese

You can now receive your daily SMS message in Portuguese.

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