Using The My Schedule Tile

Are you trying to plan your week, or curious about what live activities are available to you in the near future? Then the My Schedule tile is what you’re looking for! This article will show you how to access and view your schedule.

Viewing Your Schedule

From your Home screen, use the left and right arrow buttons on your Uniper Remote to navigate to the My Schedule tile, then press the OK button.

Inside your My Schedule screen you will find which live activities are available to you this week along with all their details!

Press the down arrow to view the next available live activity in detail. Here you can see the time, duration, host, and a brief description of the activity. If the activity is live, you will see a green join button in the bottom right corner and an orange live label in the upper left corner of the activity.

You can continue to press the down arrow button to scroll through the rest of the activities for the day. Once you have reached the last activity for that day you will see a green ‘Tomorrow’ button. You can select this and then press the OK button to go to the next day’s events, or you can scroll back up using the up arrow button.

You can also move between days by navigating to the weekday bar at the top of your schedule and pressing the left and right arrow buttons to navigate between days. If you want to view a day’s activities this way, navigate to the day you want to view and press the OK button.

Sometimes there are no activities available for the day; when that happens, this screen will appear. You can navigate to a different day in the weekday bar to select another day, use to the ‘Tomorrow’ button to see the next day’s activities, or navigate to the ‘Explore VOD’ button and press the OK button to go to your Video Library.


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