Photo Sharing For Uniper Members

Your family members can now share photos and short videos with you through your UniTV! This article will explain how to view and manage content your contacts share with you.

If you are a family member and want to learn how to share content with your member, you can read this article.

Adding Family Members

Before you can receive content through your photos tile, you will need to add family members to your contacts. If you’ve already done this, you can skip to the next section by clicking this link. If you haven’t done this, start by opening your Calls tile.

NOTE: If you don’t see the Calls tile or the Photos tile, contact Support Team at 1-888-471-7623 or

If you have not added a contact through your UniTV before, you will see the screen shown above. Press OK to continue.

If you have added a contact before, you will see a list of your contacts; scroll to the “Add New Contact” tile and press OK to continue.

Select the country code for the family member you want to add, then use your left, right, up, and down arrow buttons to add their 10 digit phone number. Alternatively, you can hold down the mic button on your Uniper Remote and say the numbers directly into the hole at the bottom of your remote!

Once you have added their number, scroll to the “Done” button on screen and press OK. This will send a SMS text message to the family member you have added with a link to download our app and accept your invitation!

Viewing Your Photos & Videos

You can access any photos or videos shared with you by your contacts by selecting the Photos tile on your home screen and pressing the OK button on your Uniper Remote.

If you haven’t received any photos from your contacts yet, you will see the screen shown above. When you see this screen, can press the OK or the back button to return to your home screen.

When you receive a new photo or video, you will see the notification shown above briefly appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you miss the notification, don’t worry! When you have photos you have not viewed, a red circle will appear on your Photos tile (as shown above).

When you have photos in your Photos tile, they will appear in a gallery like the one shown above. To view a photo, move to it using your up, down, left, and right arrow keys, then press OK to select the photo.

When you select an item, you will be able to see who shared it, when they shared it, and the caption they added (if they added one).

Videos that you select will begin to play when you select them; you can press the OK button to replay them! To return to your home screen, you can press the Home button, or press the back button until you see the home screen.

Your Screensaver

Once you have four photos or videos in your Photo tile, your UniTV box will switch to screensaver mode after a few moments of being idle! To exit screensaver mode, press any button on your Uniper Remote.

Deleting Your Photos & Videos

If you want to remove content from your gallery, locate the content in your Photo tile and select it by pressing the OK button.

Once you have found the file you would like to delete, press the ? button on your Uniper Remote to bring up the details pop-up shown above, then navigate to the delete button and press OK.

The Delete confirmation pop-up will appear. If you want to delete the item, move to the “Delete” button and press OK. If you’ve changed your mind, you can move to the “Cancel” button and press OK.

NOTE: If your family member reaches their limit for photos, the oldest photo from your gallery will be automatically deleted.


My family member sent me a photo, but I don’t see it!

If you aren’t seeing the content your family member has shared with you, there are a few possible causes.

If it has only been a few moments, the content may not have loaded in yet. Go back to your home screen, wait a few moments, and then try again.

If you or your family member isn’t connected to the internet, the content won’t be shared until you are both reconnected.

If the piece of content you are looking for is old, it may have been deleted when your family member uploaded a new photo or video.

My UniTV won’t go into screensaver mode!

If you aren’t seeing a screensaver, first open your Photo tile and make sure you have 4 or more images; if you do not have at least 4 files, the screensaver will not appear.

If you have more than four images or videos and the screensaver still does not appear, you can call our support line at 1-888-471-7623, or file a Support Ticket!

I have a different issue.

If you are having a different issue with the Photos tile, you can call our support line at 1-888-471-7623, or file a Support Ticket!

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