UniTV HD Self Installation Guide

Welcome to Uniper! Your new box will let you do everything from taking live classes, to keeping in touch with your family, to much, much more. But before you can enjoy all of our wonderful services, we’ll need to set up your box. If you get stuck at any point, please contact our Support Team at 1-888-471-7623 or support@unipercare.com.

Getting Started

Let’s start by making sure you have everything you need to assemble your box. Make sure that you have all of the parts shown in the picture above. This includes the box, a power cord, 2 antennas, an HDMI cable, a camera either with a cord attached or with a separate cord, a USB extension cord in case your camera has trouble reaching the top of your TV, a Uniper Remote with a dongle inside, and 2 AA batteries. If you are missing anything, please reach out to our support team at 1-888-471-7623 or support@unipercare.com.

We’ll also take a moment to move your TV away from any walls or barriers; you will need access to the HDMI ports on the side or back of your TV to set up your new box. Now you’re ready to start installing your new box!

CAUTION: Be careful moving your TV— they can be very heavy and fragile. If you need assistance, ask a friend or family member to help you move your TV. Alternatively, our customer support team can schedule a technician to come help set up your box up for you.

Prepping Your Box

Let’s take a closer look at your box. Each box has 9 ports, plus two spaces on the back to screw on the antennas that came with it. We won’t be using all the ports today, but they are numbered to make them easier to identify.

CAUTION: Be careful when handling your box! There is a small reset button on the back of the box under the right antenna hole. Pressing this button accidentally may cause your box to misbehave for a few minutes.

Now you’ll need to gently peel the protective film off the front of the box and discard it.

Next we’ll attach your antennas. Gently screw each antenna on, slowly rotating it clockwise until it no longer turns. Once both antennas are screwed in, fold them upwards to help your box communicate with your WiFi!

Now grab your power cord and plug the double pronged into an available electrical outlet, then plug the other end of the power cord into Port 2 on your box.

Once your box is connected to a power source, a light should appear on the front of your box!

Getting Connected


It’s time to find your HDMI ports! These will be either on the side or back of your TV. If you haven’t moved your TV away from any walls or barriers yet, move it now.

CAUTION: Remember to be careful moving your TV! It can be very heavy or hard to move. If you need assistance, ask a friend or family member, or contact our customer support team at either 1-888-471-7623 or support@unipercare.com to schedule a technician to set up your box up free of charge.

You may have only one HDMI port, or you may have several! Either way, they should be labeled ‘HDMI' or ‘HDMI Port' and may be numbered. If you do not have any HDMI ports, please contact our support team as soon as possible at 1-888-471-7623.

Now that you’ve located your TV's HDMI ports, determine which HDMI cord connects your cable box to your TV. If you only have one HDMI port, that should be easy! If not, try following the cord from the cable box up to the TV. Make a note of which port this is, then unplug that HDMI cord from your TV and insert it into Port 4 on yourBox.

Next, take the new HDMI cord that was provided with your box and insert one end into the HDMI port on your TV that your cable box was using. Insert the other end of the new cord into Port 3 on your box.

The Uniper Remote

Your box is now connected to your TV, but we need to make sure you can control it! Grab the Uniper Remote and AA batteries that came with your box. If you haven’t already, remove the dongle from inside the remote, then insert the AA batteries and close the remote. A small light should flash on the top left corner of the remote.

Take the black dongle and insert it into Port 9 on your box. This wirelessly connects your remote to your box and TV!

The Camera

Only one more piece to connect now! Let's setup your camera— this will let you participate with video! Don’t worry, you can turn it off in any call or meeting and you don’t have to have it on for your box to work, but we do love to see your smiling face!

Fold open the flat surface at the back of your camera; you should see what looks like a white piece of paper attached to it. Remove this white cover from the bottom of the camera to reveal the sticky adhesive layer underneath, then use the adhesive layer to stick the camera on top of your TV.

Now take the camera cord and gently run it towards the box. If the cord reaches the box without issue, plug it into Port 8. If the cord can’t quite reach, grab the USB extender cable that came with your box and connect it to the camera cord, then connect the other end to Port 8. Your camera is now connected!

Congratulations! You have setup all of your hardware! Now we can kick back and relax while we set up your Uniper account.

Setting Up Your Uniper Account

Setting up your account is a breeze with our self-installation wizard! Start by grabbing your Uniper Remote and any other remotes you may need, like your TV remote or cable box remotes, then turn on your TV and cable box like you normally would.

Register Your Account

Press the home button on your Uniper Remote to switch to your UniTV! You can switch back at any time using the TV button.

You will be asked to select your language, then your wireless network. If your wireless network has a password, you will be asked to put that in as well.

Don’t know your wireless password? Look on the bottom of your router or ask the person who helped you set it up!

Next, we need a little information about you! Select your country code, then put in your phone number. Finally, enter your date of birth.

Your Uniper account is now setup! We just have to test a few things to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Adjusting Your Settings

First, we'll adjust your screen size. Use the up and down arrows on your Uniper Remote to adjust the screen to fit your TV. When you find the size you like, press the OK button to lock it in place.

Now let's make sure your camera is working! Line your face up with the center box, then press the OK button.

Only one more thing to check! Review our Terms and Conditions, then press the OK button to agree to them and proceed to using your UniTV box.

Welcome Video and Tutorial

After you finish your setup wizard, you will see your welcome video! Kick back and enjoy as we welcome you to our community.

Finally, we will walk you though how to use your Uniper Remote. You can learn more about the Uniper Remote Tutorial here!

With that, your box is now ready for use! You are now free to enjoy and explore your new box. Here are some quick tips and reminders to get you started:

  • Press the home button on your Uniper Remote at any time to jump from your TV to your UniTV.

  • Press the TV button on your Uniper Remote at any time to jump from your UniTV to your regular TV.

  • You can access a wide range of activities and services from your UniTV home page; to navigate these options, use the left and right arrow on your Uniper Remote.

  • Use the OK button to select content that you are interested in, and the back arrow to exit anything you select.

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