Uniper Calls: Calling Feature For Family Members

The Uniper Calling Feature lets you reach out and connect with your Uniper Member, no matter where they may be located! This article will show you how to set up and use the calling feature through the Uniper mobile app; if you want to learn how to set up the calls feature through your Uniper Member’s UniTV, click here!


Uniper App Setup for Family Members

To help you reach your family members and stay in touch better, the new Uniper app lets you to directly call your family members on their UniTV device! Once your family member sends you an invitation from their UniTV device, you can connect your app to their account for quick and easy calling. You can follow the instructions in the video above, or follow the instructions shown below to get started!

Creating Your Account

When your Uniper member adds you as a contact on their calling feature, you will receive a SMS invitation message with a link to download the Uniper App.

Once you download the Uniper app, tap ‘Family Member’ and move through the screens shown below:

Now we can begin your official setup! Start by selecting your country code and inputting your phone number.

NOTE: The phone number must match the phone number put in by the member. If it doesn’t match, you will receive the following error screen:

This will send you another SMS message with a 6-digit verification code; input this code into the app and tap ‘Next’.

Didn’t receive a code? You can tap ‘I didn’t get a code' after a short amount of time— This will resend the verification code SMS message.

Now input your name so your contacts know who you are!

Now you can add a profile photo; you can add one from your phone library, take one now on their camera, or skip this step for now by selecting 'skip'.

Once you have taken or selected your profile photo it will appear in the circle and the green ‘Next’ button will appear. Press the ‘Next’ button to finish setting up for your Uniper account.

With that, you are ready to start making calls to your Uniper member! Tap the ‘Get started’ button to explore the app.

Using the Uniper App

You can use your Uniper app to directly call your Uniper member on their UniTV.


The Calls screen is where you can call, receive calls from, and see any calls you may have missed from your Uniper member.

Making A Call

To call your Uniper member, simply enter the call screen and tap ‘Call’.


Adding Additional Contacts

You can add additional contacts to your member’s account through the Uniper app! Open the Uniper app and tap the Contacts button at the bottom of your screen.

Tap the green button inside the Contacts screen to start adding more family members! You will need to grant the app access to your contacts to continue.

Once you have given it access, the app will pull up a list of your contacts. Tap next to the people you would like to add to your member’s account to select them.

You can also search for contacts by typing their name or number into the search bar.

Once you have selected all of the contacts you would like to add, tap the ‘Done’ button in the top right corner to send out your invitations to the contacts. They will receive the same SMS message you received when your member invited you!

You can also add contacts that aren’t in your phone by tapping the ‘Invite other Family members’ button. The app will ask you to select the contact’s country code and input their phone number, then it will ask for their name. Once you have put in this information, tap ‘Done’ to finish the invitation process.

Managing Additional Contacts

When a contact you’ve added accepts your invitation, you will receive a notification informing you that they have accepted your invitation!

After you invite some contacts, the Contacts menu will change to list the people you’ve added to your Uniper app. From this screen you can see who has recently accepted your invitation, resend their invitations by tapping ‘Resend’, or add additional contacts by tapping ‘Add Family members’.

When you tap on a contact, you can see when they were last active on the app and remove them from your contacts by tapping ‘Remove’.


You can also adjust your settings through the app by tapping the Settings icon!


Installation Issues

I can’t find the app in the app store!

You can find the Uniper App for Android in the Google Play Store here, and the Uniper app for iPhone in the Apple App Store here.

I don’t have my password for Google Play or the App Store/iTunes!

First, try to find your password on your mobile device. If you have an Android device, you can find all of your saved passwords using these instructions. If you are using an Apple device, you can find your saved passwords using these instructions.

If you cannot access or find your password using these methods, you will probably need to reset your password. To reset a password on an Android device, follow these instructions. To reset a password on an Apple device, follow these instructions.

NOTE: You will need access to the email account associated with your Android or Apple device to reset your password.

If you reset your password, be sure to write your new password down in a safe place!

My phone says I don’t have enough space to download Uniper.

If you are out of space on your device but want to install Uniper, you may need to delete some things to make room. You can learn how to make space on an Android device here, or how to make space on an Apple device here.

In App Issues

Uniper won’t let me access my home screen (Android Only).

If your phone gets stuck on the screen shown above, your default settings were probably changed. This sometimes happens when you install new apps or when you accidentally click something. To clear the defaults on your phone, follow these instructions.

Other Issues

I don’t know what kind of mobile device I have.

If you still have your device’s manual, it should list your device’s type.

If you don’t have your manual, look at your device without its case on. If there is an apple on the back like the one shown above, you have an Apple device. If there is no apple, you most likely have an Android device.

If you do not want to remove your case or cannot access the back of your device, find your settings app; if the icon looks like the one shown above, you have an Apple device. If the icon does not look like the one shown above, you have an Android.

I don’t see my issue here.

Need Additional Support? Explore our Help Center, file a Support Ticket, or contact our Support Team at 1-888-471-7623 or support@unipercare.com!

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