Activity Reminders for Tablet

Did you know you can set your own reminders for activities? Follow the instructions below to set up email, phone call, or text message activity reminders.

Turning On Activity Reminders

To turn on your reminders, open your uniper app and tap the Settings tile.

Inside your Settings tile, tap “Reminder Settings” to open your reminder settings.

Inside your reminder settings you can tap the toggles next to the text message, phone call, or email options.

When the toggles are green, those reminders are on. You can turn them back off by tapping them again.

NOTE: You can only use text message reminders if you have a mobile phone associated with your Uniper account. All email reminders will be sent to the email associated with your Uniper account.

Setting A Reminder For An Activity

To set a reminder for an activity, open your Uniper app and tap the “My Schedule” tile.

Find the activity you would like to add a reminder for, then tap the activity to expand it.

Tap the “Remind me” button to set your reminder.

When the reminder is set, the “Remind me” button will change to the “Reminder on” button shown above.

To remove the reminder, tap the “Reminder on” button; it should revert to the “Remind me” button, as shown above. You can turn the reminder back on by tapping the “Remind me” button at any time before the activity.


I’m not getting my reminders!

Check to make sure you have your reminders turned on in your settings, then double check the the activity you want to set a reminder for to make sure you have your reminder set for that activity. If you still have an issue, contact our support team at 1-888-471-7623, file a help ticket here, or email us at

I have a different issue!

Still having a problem, or don’t see your problem listed here? Contact our support team at 1-888-471-7623, file a help ticket here, or email us at

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