Sharing Photos & Videos for Family and Friends

The Uniper Mobile App now allows you to share photos and short videos with your Uniper member! This article will walk you through setting up your app and sharing content.

Setting Up Your Uniper App

When your Uniper member adds you as a contact, you will receive a SMS invitation message with a link to download the Uniper App.

Once you download the Uniper app, tap ‘Family Member’ and move through the screens shown above.

Now we can begin your official setup! Start by selecting your country code and inputting your phone number.

The phone number must match the phone number put in by the member. If it doesn’t match, you will receive the error message shown above.

This will send you another SMS message with a 4-digit verification code; input this code into the app and tap ‘Next’.

NOTE: Didn’t receive a code? You can tap ‘I didn’t get a code' after a short amount of time— This will resend the verification code SMS message.

Next, input your name so your contacts know who you are.

Now you can add a profile photo; you can add one from your phone library, take one now on their camera, or skip this step for now by selecting 'skip'.

Once you have taken or selected your profile photo it will appear in the circle and the green ‘Next’ button will appear. Press the ‘Next’ button to finish setting up for your Uniper account.

With that, you are ready to start making calls to your Uniper member! Tap the ‘Get started’ button to explore the app.

Sharing Content

To share content, start by opening your app and tapping the Photos tab at the bottom of your phone screen. Then tap the green circle to select what you want to share. This will open your phone gallery.

NOTE: You will need to allow Uniper to access your photos.

Once you have granted permission to the app, tap the album that has the file you want to add.

Tap the photo or video you would like to share (PNG, JPG, MP4, or MOV format), then tap Done in the top right corner.

Next, tap inside the “add a caption” box to add your caption (up to 140 characters), then press the green arrow button to send your file.

While your files are being shared, they will be greyed out, as shown in the top row above. Once they are sent, they will no longer be greyed out, and can be seen in your photos tab until they are deleted by your member.

Your member will receive a notification when your file is sent.

NOTE: When you have reached the limit for the amount of files you can upload, the oldest file you have sent will be deleted.

Sending Multiple Files

You can also choose to upload multiple files! Tap the files you would like to upload, add your caption, and then press “Done” to send your files.


I received an error message telling me my WiFi has a problem!

If you received an error message like the one shown above, you are probably disconnected from your internet. Make sure you do not have airplane mode turned on, then check your internet connection and try again.

I received an error about the size of my file!

There is a 15 MB limit on each file upload; if you send too many files, or a file that is too large, you will see the pop-up shown above.

I have another issue!

Need Additional Support? Explore our Help Center, file a Support Ticket, or contact our Support Team at 1-888-471-7623 or!

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