Using Your Games Tile (For Tablet)

Did you know you can play games on your Uniper tablet app? Enjoy a quick game between live activities or just take some time to relax while trying out our games.

Accessing Your Games

Open your Uniper app and swipe to the Games tile, then tap the Games tile to open it.

Inside the Games tile, you can see all the games available to you. Swipe between the options to select game you want to play, then tap it to open it.

Word Games

Tap the letters in the right order to spell the word!

If you tap the wrong letter, you will see a red box appear, as shown above.

Once you have finished the word, it will turn green! You can tap the screen to try another puzzle, or press the back button on your tablet to return to the games screen.

Once you have completed a game, you can see your overall score for that game in the Games screen.


I don’t see the games tile!

Your Games tile may not be active yet. Wait a week, then try again. If you still do not see the games tile, contact your care provider.

I don’t know the word!

If you have tried a few times, you can press the back button to return to the Games screen, then select the game again to try a new word.

I have a different issue!

Still having a problem, or don’t see your problem listed here? Contact our support team at 1-888-471-7623, file a help ticket here, or email us at

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