Release 2 Notes: August 2020

This article outlines the features added in Release 2.



Ad Hoc Calls (Direct Calls)

Your care provider can now call you directly to hold one-on-one meetings, check in with you, and provide remote support! When you receive a call, you should receive a notification like this:

You can move between the options using your up and down buttons, and select an option with the OK button.

Care Partners

Ad Hoc Calls (Direct Calls)

Members can now be called directly. To directly call a member, go to the Start Direct Call section under the Direct Calls drop down, then select the green call button next to any online available member.

The Members List

The members listed under Direct Calls are all of your subscribers. Clicking on a member will open an information menu under that member’s name that includes:

  1. The member’s phone numbers (mobile and landline).

  2. The member’s mailing address.

  3. Last time the you made a call to that member.

  4. The member’s UniMote battery status.

You can determine if a member is available for a call by looking at the connectivity icon (WiFi symbol) next to each member’s name. Only members with a green icon can be called directly, as shown below.

The Search Bar

The search bar allows you to search for a specific member by name. Each member is shown in a drop down below the search bar with their ID number as you type.

Calling a Member

After making sure the member has a green icon next to their name, you can simply select the Call button to initiate a Zoom call with that member.

Once the Call button has been selected, two pop-ups will appear on your screen:

  1. A call in progress pop-up, and

  2. A native Zoom window pop-up.

You can end the call from both the native Zoom window and from the UniManage screen at any time by pressing the 'End Call' button on either screen.

While a call is in progress, no other UniManage functionality is available until the call is ended. Other pop-ups on your screen include:

  1. Call Ended: When the call is ended by you or the member, the Call Ended pop-up will appear.

  2. Call Unanswered: When the call is declined by the member or goes unanswered for 30 seconds, the call Unanswered pop-up will appear.

  3. No Available Rooms. Please contact support at {support number}: When there are no available Zoom meeting rooms, this pop-up will appear.

Upgraded Reminders

Setting Up Reminders at the Account Level

In this release, a new tab was created under Setup → Settings → Reminders. This tab contains all of the you account-level settings for the new and upgraded reminders.

In this tab, super and regional admins can:

  1. Choose the relevant service provider for sending send phone calls and text messages.

  2. Choose the primary caller’s phone number from the relevant phone numbers.

    1. This number needs to be verified in advance. Therefore new phone numbers are to be sent to R&D (Meir/Lital) to be added to the list.

  3. Choose when to send each reminder. The default is 3 minutes before the scheduled group/personal meeting.

Group and Personal Meetings

Admins can enable or disable reminders per meeting type at the group and personal level. Changing the reminder at the group level affects all of your members.

A list of all reminders is shown under the relevant meeting type.


Each reminder is language-specific and will be sent to a member based on their display language.

The default reminder is the reminder that will be sent to subscribers with a display language different from the uploaded ones.

Adding a New Reminder

Clicking the Add Reminder button on the upper-right corner of each meeting-type component opens a pop-up with all the required fields to set up a new meeting, including:

  1. Selecting a language for that reminder.

    1. Only one reminder can be selected for each language; users can’t select multiple reminders for the same language.

  2. Selecting an audio file.

    1. Only MP3/MPEG audio files are supported for reminders.

  3. The relevant SMS message text (for members with this option enabled).

    1. Please note that SMS messages are currently disabled, and will be added to the reminders after release 3.

Once the fields are filled, click the Add Reminder button. This will add the new reminder to the your reminder list.

After all the desired settings and reminders have been adjusted, click Save to save the new settings.

Subscriber-Level Reminders

In this release, a subscriber-specific Reminders tab was added under Subscribers → Manage Subscribers.

In this tab, you can toggle the specific member’s reminder settings, including:

  1. Where reminders are sent (mobile or landline).

    1. In the future, other phone numbers, such as the phone numbers of family members and caregivers, will be able to be added in addition to the primary subscriber number.

  2. Which types of reminders the subscriber receives for each meeting type. Reminder options include On screen pop-up, SMS, phone call.

    1. For personal meetings, on screen pop-up and phone call are defaulted to on and cannot be changed.

  3. Settings will be saved only after the Save button is selected.

New Views for News and Activities Tab

New views for the news and the activities tab were added in this release, as shown below.

General Support

There are no general support notes for this release.

Need Additional Support? Explore our Help Center or file a Support Ticket!

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