Release 3 Notes: September 2020

This article outlines the major features added in release 3:



Questionnaires Updates (Self Assessments)

We have made some changes to your questionnaire screen! Now you can see:

  • Which surveys you have already completed and when you completed them under the ‘Completed Questionnaires’ list.

  • When your current surveys are due (the ‘Please Complete By’ date).

The survey section of UniTV is shown. Red arrows show the new date completed and due date features.

Care Partners

Upgraded Reminders

To access Reminders in UniManage, go to Manage Subscribers → Edit → Reminders.

Picture of the Reminders tab on the Subscriber screen on UniManage. The Reminders tab has been circled in red.

Added Reminders for Meeting Types at the Member Level

You can now choose which meeting types the member gets reminders for. The menu shows all relevant group live activity types.

A picture of the Reminder Tab on the UniManage Subscriber screen. The meeting types are listed on the left, while on the right three columns of toggles indicate what types of reminders are active.

Enabled SMS Reminders

We have activated SMS reminders for members. The message content is configurable at the care partners level.

  • Israeli care partners’ text messages will be sent through Global SMS.

  • American care partners' text messages will be sent through Twilio.

The care partner reminder screen. There is a red box around the message text section.

Reminders to Additional Numbers

Some members want reminders to be sent to an additional contact person of their choosing. This can now be setup under the reminders tab in the member’s subscriber settings.

The reminders tab of the subscriber page is shown. An additional contact number has been added, and a red arrow points to the new number.

To add a new additional number:

  1. In the member’s subscriber settings, click on the ‘Add phone number’ button.

  2. In the pop up shown below, fill in the name and number for the additional number.

  3. Click ‘Add reminder’.

  4. The additional number will be added to the list under the member’s mobile and landline, as shown in the image below. Additional numbers will get the same reminders as the member.

    A pop-up labelled 'Additional Phone Numbers' sits on a greyed out background. Fields for name and phone number are displayed.
  5. To disable reminders for an additional number without deleting it, simply uncheck the checkbox next to the contact’s name.

    The top section of the subscriber's reminder page is shown. A red arrow points to the new email added in a previous step.

Customized Recordings for Scheduled Meetings

Admins and hosts can now upload customized recorded invitations when creating a scheduled group or personal meeting. These recordings will also be sent to the invited members for all future occurrences of the meeting.

A few things to note:

  1. Uploaded recordings will override the existing recordings in the the care partner level.

  2. The recordings are not language sensitive; the same recording will be sent to all invited members.

  3. Only MP3/MPEG audio files are supported at this time.

  4. If no recording is uploaded, the members will get the existing phone recording.

  5. Members will get the customized phone reminder only if:

    1. Phone reminders are turned on in the care partner level settings, AND

    2. Phone reminders are turned on at the member's subscriber level settings, AND

    3. Phone reminders are enabled when creating a scheduled meeting.

The 'Schedule a Meeting' page is shown. A red arrow highlights where to add an audio file to create a customized reminder.The 'Schedule a Meeting' page is shown. A red arrow highlights where to add an audio file to create a customized reminder.A close up of the 'Schedule a Meeting' page is shown. There is a box displaying the title of your uploaded audio file.

Conflict Indicators for Meetings

When scheduling a group/personal meeting, the system will inform the host/coordinator/admin that an invited member might be unavailable at the chosen time.

  1. The message shown below will appear whenever the member has another scheduled meeting that overlaps all or a portion of the new meeting’s timeframe.

  2. The message is just a warning and doesn’t prevent the meeting from being published.

    A meeting setup pup-up sits on a greyed out background. A red box at the top of the popup warns you that the subscriber may have a schedule conflict.
  3. If a group meeting has more than 10 members who might be busy at the chosen time, their names won’t show in the warning message.

    Two pop-ups sit side by side, divided by a red line. The pop-up on the left displays a list of names in a red warning box. The pop-up on the right has a similar red warning box, but no names are listed.
  4. However, if the chosen Zoom meeting room is unavailable at the desired time, the meeting cannot be published.

A pop-up with a red warning box at the top tells you the zoom meeting room is booked for your selected date and time.

Direct Calls: Added Functionality for Scheduling Meetings

The Direct Calls screen now has an added functionality for scheduling meetings.

When a host/coordinator/admin presses the ‘schedule' button next to the member’s name, they will be redirected to the ‘Schedule Personal Meeting’ page in UniManage.

The direct calls page is shown. On the right side of the screen is a green button that takes you to scheduling a personal meeting. A red arrow points at the green button.The schedule a meeting page is shown.

Self Assessments

  1. UI changes:

    1. Added ‘Completed Questionnaires’ list.

    2. Added ‘Please Complete By’ indication for each new survey.

    3. Added the ability to choose survey images from an image bank in UniManage.

The survey section of UniTV is shown. Red arrows show the new date completed and due date features.

General Support

There are no general support notes for this release.

Need Additional Support? Explore our Help Center or file a Support Ticket!

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