Release 5 Notes: November 2020

This article outlines the major features added in Release 5:



Added Spanish as a Display Language

You can now access Uniper in Spanish!

Installation Wizard: New Step Design

We have changed the way the steps look in the setup wizard! This change is purely cosmetic and shouldn’t impact your setup process.

Care Partners

Added Emergency Contacts to UniManage

You can now add emergency contact details individually or in bulk to subscriber accounts in UniManage by going to Subscribers → Manage Subscribers.

  • Emergency contacts can be added by hand or by a bulk csv import.

  • Emergency contact details must include the following:

    • The contact’s first name.

    • At least one phone number for the contact (ideally their primary phone number).

  • Emergency contact details may include the following:

    • The contact’s last name.

    • The contact’s gender.

    • The contact’s secondary phone number

    • The contact’s relationship to subscriber (e.g. child).

Added Spanish as a Display Language

Members can now access Uniper in Spanish.

Installation Wizard: New Step Design

The appearance of the setup steps has been changed, as shown in the images below.

Added Source Connection Type Indications

An indicator has been added in UniManage for the source connection type (HDMI or Passthrough).

  • The indicator has been added to the subscriber details page, under Set Top Box Support.

  • The indicator will be colored red for separate source and green for passthrough (HDMI connected to the box).

  • The source connection type is measured automatically by default.

  • After 14 days of automatic source detection with no change, a stable indication will be shown in the Set Top Box Support page.

You can also insert source connection type manually. To insert a source connection type manually:

  1. Go to the technician’s page and change the source detection to Insert Manually

  2. Change ‘Is box on a separate source’ to the required state (yes if you want the source to show as a separate source or no if you want to show it as a passthrough (HDMI) source.

  3. When the source is inserted manually, an indication will be shown in the Set Top Box Support page, as shown below.

Changed Default Phone Reminders for New Subscribers

When creating a new subscriber in UniManage, the default phone reminders settings have been changed; Only the Body and Special Event meeting types will be automatically set to send phone reminders.

The revised default reminders setting for new members are as follows:

  • Phone reminders are on for Body and Special Event meeting types.

  • Almost all other phone reminders are turned off.

    • Personal meetings have phone reminders turned on and locked by default. This can’t be changed.

  • All SMS reminders are turned off.

  • All Daily reminders are turned off for SMS and Email.

General Support

Need Additional Support? Explore our Help Center or file a Support Ticket!

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