Release 8 Notes: February 2021

This article outlines the major features added in Release 8:



Video Meeting Improvements

Raise Hand Functionality

Sometimes all people except the host are muted during a live activity, but you need to ask a question or want to weigh in on the conversation. We have put in the new ‘raise hand' feature, which will tell the host that you wish to speak so they can un-mute you. Here’s how it works:

  1. You press the mic button on the remote while all members in a call are on mute, a notification will be sent to the host. You will also see the pop-up below, which will fade after 10 seconds.

  2. Pressing the mic button again while the message is displayed will reset the 10 second timer and make the pop-up ‘blink’.

  3. The host can now un-mute you at their discretion.

Poor Internet Connection Message

When Zoom detects that the your internet connection is unstable, the message shown below will appear on your UniTV screen.

Added Speed Test to Installation Wizard

To let you test your internet speed while setting up your UniTV, a speed test has been added as the second step of the installation wizard. This test is optional and can be skipped by just selecting ‘Next’.

  1. After setting up your network, you can initiate or skip the speed test.

    1. You can always go back to step one of the installation wizard to select a different network.

  2. If you choose to run the test, you will see the following screen:

  3. If the test was completed successfully, you will see the screen below.

Having trouble with the speed test? Contact our Support team here!

Care Partners

Changes to the News and Activities Tab in UniManage

The News and Activities tab have been split into two tabs: Live Activities and Announcements.

  • The Live Activities tab will include most of the VCS functionality that was part of the News and Activities tab. It will have two sub-tabs:

    • Create Live Activity: This is where you will be able to schedule personal and group meetings.

    • Manage Live Activities: This is where you will be able to manage the scheduled personal and group meetings for the care provider.

  • The Announcements tab will include all of the Care Partner Board functionality. It will have two sub-tabs:

    • Create Announcements: This is where you will be able to create general announcements (care provider board messages) and event announcements (non-broadcasted live activities).

  • Manage Announcements: This is where you will be able to manage all care provider board items (general and event announcements).

    • General announcements were previously called Community News.

  • The Create Live Activity tab will no longer be accessible to UniManage users.

    • All VCS is to be created as group/personal meetings.

  • Hosts are mandatory for all meetings.

    • Since some activities have occasional and non-regular hosts, a default host will be created for all care providers.

      • This default host is a Meeting Host user that can be accessed via UniManage using these credentials:

        • Username and password: {care provider name}

        • The care partner’s name in the username and password will include no punctuation marks (hyphens, commas, spaces, etc.).

          • E.g., NJSHA - KingsBay will be

      • The default host’s name is the care provider’s name.

      • The default host’s account can be configured via the Manage Users tab, just like any other UniManage role.

    • The host name displayed to members can be changed the same way it can me changed for all global activity hosts.

Global VCS Page

Edit Global Live Activities from the Care Partner Page in UniManage

UniManage users with the correct permissions (care partner admins and up) can now make changes to global meetings in the care partner page under Manage Live Activities. All changes will only impact the relevant care provider.

The following fields can be adjusted from the care partner tab:

  • Show host photo

  • Enable phone reminders

  • Add/change recordings for reminders

  • Show reminder on TV

  • Event description

  • Target audience

  • Edit/remove members and tags

Fields that can’t be edited are displayed as ‘disabled’. These fields are:

  • Meeting title

  • Meeting host

  • Host name

  • Meeting room

  • Activity date and time

Added Global VCS to Host’s View of the My Meetings Page

Hosts can now see Uniper global activities as part of their My Meetings page.

  • Global Uniper activities are to be marked with an orange line.

    • Activities hosted by the the host are to be marked with a green line.

  • Hosts can toggle the view using the ‘Show only my meetings’ switch.

  • Hosts can only edit or start meetings they are hosting.

VCS Zoom Improvements

Raise Hand Functionality

Hosts sometimes hard-mute all meeting members during live activities, meaning that all the mics are muted and members can’t unmute themselves. This often causes confusion, frustration, and a lot of incoming support calls. The new ‘raise hand' feature will indicate to members that their request to speak was noted, and inform hosts when members wish to speak. The 'raise hand’ feature works as follows:

  1. When a member presses the mic button on the remote while all members are hard-muted, the system sends a 'raise hand' action. The pop-up shown below will be displayed, informing the member their request to speak has been sent.

    1. This message is displayed on screen for 10 seconds before fading out.

    2. Pressing the mic button again while the message is displayed will reset the 10 second timer and make the pop-up ‘blink’ to get the member's attention.

  2. The host will receive a notification indicating that a specific member asked to speak (raised their hand). The host can then unmute that member at their discretion.

Poor Internet Connection Message

When Zoom detects that the member’s internet connection is unstable, a message will appear on their UniTV screen to let the member know there is a problem.

Changes to Live Activities Screen

Host Photo

Members can now see a photo of the host instead of the normal activity icon. This helps to personalize the Uniper interface and make the activities more inviting.

  • Host photos can be added to Meeting Hosts via the Manage Users screen in UniManage.

  1. Go to Manage Users → Users.

  2. Select the relevant meeting host.

  3. Upload a photo from your computer.

Note: Because they may be rendered on large TV screens, photos need to be high resolution,

  • When creating a live activity, the UniManage user can choose to allow members to see the host photo instead of the regular activity icon.

    • This can be done by checking the Show host photo checkbox, under the meeting host selection area.

    • If the host does not have an available photo, an activity icon will be displayed instead.

  • The host photo will be displayed on all Uniper platforms.

Changes to VCS Category Images

Until this release, members using the web and TV platforms saw different images for VCS categories in the Live Activities screen— web members would see a set of stock images for the different activity categories, while UniTV members saw the event-type icons. This has now been changed to display a unified set of images on all Uniper platforms (UniTV, web, mobile, and tablet).

The new category images, from left to right, are: Body, Special Event, General, Support Group, Personal Meeting, Mind and Spirit, and Education.

Added Speed Test to Installation Wizard

A speed test was added as the second step of the UniTV installation wizard.

  • After setting up the network, the speed test can be initiated or skipped.

    • The user can always go back to step one of the installation wizard to select a different network.

  • If the user chooses to start the test, an Ookla web page will open in the browser.

  • If the test was completed successfully, the following pieces of speed test data will be sent to UniManage under the Technician Page (Manage subscribers → Set top box support → Technician Page):

    • Upload speed

    • Download speed

    • Speed test run date

Added New and Updated Data Options to Subscriber’s Details

Changes to Address Fields

  • The member’s address in UniManage is made up of a few fields:

    • Address 1 (street and house number)

    • Address 2 (apartment number, floor etc.) (Optional)

    • City

    • Postal Code

    • State/Province

  • These fields are parsed together into the full address field and displayed in the subscriber details page.

Additional Languages

Member data can now include additional languages spoken by the member.

  • The UniManage field is now a list of languages with the ability to select multiple options.

    • Language options include languages supported and not currently supported by Uniper.

    • This field can be edited at any time.

  • The additional languages will be added as tags in the member’s details as part of their personal information tags.

Router Indications

Internet router information will be added to UniManage under the Technician page (Manage subscribers → Set top box support → Technician page). Currently, this data consists of:

  • The router type

  • The SIM card number


A new field to display the member’s age will be added to the subscriber details page. The field is automatically calculated using the member’s birth date.

Primary and Secondary Phone Numbers (Replaces Mobile and Landline)

Mobile and landline phone numbers are being changed into primary and secondary phone numbers, respectively. The change is to the name of the field only.

  • The primary phone number will be a mandatory field that needs to be added for each subscriber.

  • This change help prevent incorrect data input in UniManage.

  • All mobile/landline functionality will remain the same for primary/secondary phone numbers.

WhatsApp Contacts Sync Button

A Sync Contacts button has been added to the contacts page in UniManage under Contacts (Manage subscribers → Contacts). This button will automatically sync the UniTV contacts with the contacts saved to UniManage.

  • This button triggers the same process as syncing the contacts from the box itself.

  • Contacts will still be synced automatically. This button is to force a sync at your discretion.

General Support

Need Additional Support? Explore our Help Center or file a Support Ticket!

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