Getting Started With Uniper Web

Welcome to Uniper Web! With our online service, you can access your Uniper Video Library and Live Activities anywhere you have internet access. This article will walk you through the basics of setting up your Uniper Web account and guide you to articles with more details if you need them.


Setting Up

To use Uniper Web, you will need a PC (Windows 7 or above) or Mac (macOS 10.9 or later) computer, a broadband wired or wireless internet connection (3G or 4GE/LTE), and a compatible browser. A browser is a program you use to view the internet, like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Below are a list of browsers that are compatible with Uniper Web:


  • Firefox (Version 27+)

  • Chrome (Version 30+)


  • Chrome (Version 30+)

  • Safari (Version 7+)

  • Firefox (Version 27+)

We have found that using Chrome is usually best, but any of these three browsers should work well. You can learn more about installing Chrome here.

You will also need speakers and a microphone (either built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth), as well as a web cam (either built-in or USB plug-in).

Logging In

First we’ll log in. To log into Uniper Web, you can either follow the link in the email you received from Uniper (shown above) or go to this link and put in your email and password. Your email is the email associated with your Uniper account, and your password is the phone number associated with your Uniper Account.

Once you have put in your information, click the ‘Login’ Button.

If you want to learn more about logging in, you can find our detailed explanation here!


Once you have logged in, we recommend bookmarking your Uniper Web home page; this process creates a digital placeholder that lets you return to a webpage easily. We’ve broken out the instructions below based on your browser!


If you are using Chrome, click the ‘Bookmarks’ dropdown and then click ‘Bookmark This Tab’.

When the pop-up shown above appears, click ‘Done’ to finish your bookmark in Chrome.


If you are using Safari, click ‘Bookmarks’ then click ‘Add Bookmark’.

When the pop-up above appears, click the ‘Add’ button to save your Safari bookmark.


If you are using Firefox, click ‘Bookmarks’ then click ‘Bookmark Current Tab’.

When the pop-up shown above appears, click ‘Save’ to finish your Firefox bookmark.

TIP: You can easily bookmark a page in any browser by pressing the control key and the letter D at the same time (if you have a PC), or by pressing the command key and the letter D at the same time (if you have a Mac)!

Learn More About Uniper Web

If you want more details on setting up your Uniper web account, check out our Uniper Web Self Setup Guide article!

If you want to learn more about using your Uniper Web account, check out our Using Your Uniper Web Account article!


If you are having trouble getting started with Uniper Web, contact our support team at or file a support ticket here!

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