Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uniper Care?

Uniper Care uses aging in place technology to empower older adults to live a healthy and active social life full of excitement and meaning from the comfort of their home. Our products and services connect directly with the technology many people already have in their homes, making it easy to install and use.

You can learn more about us here!

What is UniTV?

UniTV is our TV-based service, made to be accessed from the comfort of your couch! However, it goes far beyond simply watching TV– UniTV provides community and interactivity with the press of a button. Uniper members can see, hear, and talk with each other in group activities, as well as ask our experts and trainers questions in live activities.

How does UniTV work?

Our UniTV box connects directly to your TV, allowing you to switch seamlessly between normal TV programming and our UniTV services with our easy to use Uniper Remote. Once it’s set up, there is no need to worry about fumbling with cables or figuring out sources every time you want to switch– just press the home button on the Uniper Remote to join the fun!

How do I install UniTV?

Installing our UniTV kit is easy! You can follow our self-installation guide here, or call our support center at +1-888-471-7623 to have one of our skilled technicians install your box for you!

What is UniMobile?

UniMobile is our mobile version of UniTV!

What is Uniper Web?

Uniper Web is our web version of UniTV!

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