Disconnecting & Returning Your UniTV Device

Need to move or return your Uniper device for any reason? This article will walk you through disconnecting your device and, if needed, returning it.

Disconnecting Your Device

Start by unplugging the power cord from Port 2 on your box. Unplug the other end of the power cord from your outlet and set the power cord aside.

Unplug your camera from Port 8 on your box, then peel your camera off the top of your TV. If you used the camera extension cord, unplug the cord from the camera and the box as well. Set the camera and the cord aside.

Remove the HDMI cord from Port 3 on your box, then follow the cord up to your TV.

Make a note of which port the HDMI cord is plugged into, then unplug the cord and set it aside.

Unplug the HDMI cord from Port 4 of your box and plug that cord into the HDMI port you noted in the last step. This reconnects your cable box to your TV.

Next, remove the dongle from Port 9 on your box. Set the dongle aside along with your Uniper Remote.

Gently flatten your box’s antennas, then twist them counter clockwise to remove them. Set the antennas aside.

Congratulations! You have now disconnected your box. If you are just moving your box to a new location, put your box and the pieces you have set aside in a safe place until you are ready to set it up again. If you need a refresher on setting up your box after you move it, you can find our self setup guide here, or contact our support team at at 1-888-471-7623 or support@unipercare.com.

If you would like to return your box, continue to the Returning Your Device section of this article.

Returning Your Device

If you need to return your box for any reason, start by contacting our support team at 1-888-471-7623 or support@unipercare.com. They will send you an envelope with a pre-paid return label to let you quickly and easily return your box.

Once you have received your envelope and disconnected your box, pack the items shown above (your box, power cord, antennas, Uniper Remote, remote dongle, the HDMI cord that came with your box, the camera and it’s extension cord) into the envelope provided.

Make sure the return label is outside the envelope and all of the pieces are packed, then seal the envelope and stick the return label on its side. Mail the package back via USPS.

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