Release Notes: Sprint 13 (October 2021)


Demo recordings:

Access Passcode: Uniper2021!

UI Improvements

UniTV UI Improvement

As a part of our continuous UniTV usability and UI accessibility improvements, in this sprint we’ve changed the way that selected items look. Items that are selected are now filled with color instead of outlined in green.

Usage Reports: New Email Mechanism

UniManage usage reports will now be generated and sent via email instead of being downloaded locally to the user’s computer. This will improve performance and is a more secure way to download member data.

Generating a Usage Report

In UniManage, select ‘Usage Reports’ from the left side bar.

Select the type of report from the ‘Report type’ dropdown. Users can choose from the following options:

  • Live Activities: This will include all live activities and direct calls made by member in this CPs.

  • Video Library: This will include all VOD content played by member in this CPs.

  • Video Calls: This will include all WhatsApp calls made by member in this CPs.

Choose the time period for the report; users may view data up to 3 months in the past.

Enter the email address where the user would like to receive the report, then click the ‘Send Report’ button. The report will be generated and emailed to the user within a few minutes.

NOTE: This email may go to the user’s spam box. Be sure to check the user’s spam box before attempting to resend their report.

The email’s subject will be 'Your Uniper Usage Report' and will include a password protected .CSV file with the requested data. The password for the file is the user’s email prefix, including the '@' sign, and can be viewed or copied on the Usage Report screen after a report is requested.

Flutter UniTV Pop-up Reminders

All live activity and calls pop-ups can now be displayed on screen while the member is in TV mode if the TV is connected to the same source as the member’s UniTV.

Pop-ups can be turned off for everything but calls in UniManage under Subscribers → Manage subscribers → Subscriber details → Reminders. There are two options:

  • All pop-up types: all on-screen pop-ups will be displayed while the member is watching TV and the UniTV device is connected via same source.

  • Calls only: only Uniper family member calls, WhatsApp calls, and direct calls (ad hoc calls) will be displayed on screen while the member is watching TV and the UniTV device is connected via same source.

All pop-ups will still be displayed while the member actively using Uniper, even if 'Calls only' is enabled.

Welcome Tile

To be able to support better engagement goals and the member onboarding process, we’ve created a welcome tile that will be shown for new members that are tagged with "new_member" tag under "Onboarding" on UniManage.

NOTE: This feature is currently hidden for all care providers until it is ready to be operationalized.

Clicking this tile when the Orientation Activity (tagged with the “new_member” tag) is live will redirect the member to the onboarding live activity. When live activity is not available, the screen shown above will appear.

Tablet Forgot Password Flow OTP

To eliminate security issues, we have introduced a forgot password flow with a one time password (OTP) for member who use the tablet app.

This flow will not generate a new password for the user; instead it sends an OTP to the member's email for them to input in the app and reveal their password. A video demonstration of this process can be found here: ▶️ Video Demo.

Uniper Provided Router Indication

UniManage admins will now be able to add an indication for members who have been provided a Uniper router (a ‘hotspot’) for their home. This will allow for better data tracking for billing and inventory management.

A checkbox labeled ‘Uniper provided router’ can now be found in UniManage under Subscribers → Manage subscribers → Subscriber details → Passthrough/COAX. This checkbox indicates that an internet router has been provided to the member by Uniper.

If the checkbox is not checked, the Router IMEI and the SIM card number fields will be greyed out and disabled. The information for every Uniper provided router will be sent to Snowflake and Tableau to be used for billing purposes.

Incoming Call Ring

A 16 second call ring sound is now played when a member receives a call in TV mode. The sound will stop after 16 seconds, but the pop-up will remain until the unanswered call event is triggered.

General Enhancements and Changes

Zoom Reports for VCS

Zoom-based engagement data will now also include the member’s Participant ID. This allows us to link data in the Zoom dashboard and API to each Uniper member.

Member ID in Zendesk

The Zendesk user form will now include the member’s ID number.

Password Expiration

For security reasons, all UniManage admin user passwords will expire every 3 months. Once this happens, the user will be asked to create a new password on the UniManage login page.

NOTE: This only affects UniManage admins (CP admins, regional admins, and super admins) and does not affect Uniper hosts, members, or family members.

To allow for character limitations on older devices, links in SMS reminders and the family member app will now be shortened to prevent the sending of multiple messages for the same reminder.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Issue



Some properties were duplicated in Mixpanel

Flutter and legacy UniTV devices had two or three properties with different names that sent the same information (e.g. Full Name and full_name). This made reporting difficult.

UniManage users were redirected to a page they don’t have permission to view

Some UniManage users (mainly hosts) used an old UniManage URL and got redirected to a page they cannot view.

Regular TV programming was sometimes displayed on screen during live activities

This caused a great deal of confusion for the few members who had experienced this issue.

Usage reports had missing fields

Mixpanel events weren’t being sent properly, which caused usage reports to omit members' subscriber ID and name.

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