External Zoom Meeting Links Release Notes: May 2021

Uniper produces a lot of wonderful activities for our members, but we know that there are many non-Uniper activities that our members would enjoy. To allow members to enjoy relevant activities via Uniper’s platforms as seamlessly as possible, we have added the ability to use external Zoom meeting links when setting up an activity. This will have great impact on both the members and the B2B clients.



Your care provider can now offer you a wider range of content without any extra effort on your end! Look out for new live activities in the coming months.

Care Partners

Setting up an external zoom link for a live activity is almost identical to setting up a normal live activity in UniManage. We’ll walk through differences and features here.

UniManage Interface

External Zoom meeting links can be used by all UniManage admins with permission to create group live activities (Super admins, Regional admins and Care Partner admins). All of these users can:

  • Check the External Meeting checkbox in the live activity setup to display the External Meeting menu.

  • Add the external meeting link and the Zoom meeting ID.

  • Add the meeting passcode (If the meeting requires a passcode).

  • Uncheck the meeting passcode checkbox (If the meeting does not require a passcode).

External meetings will be added to the member’s schedule and will have the same UI as all other meetings. They will also be tagged in UniManage so that all UniManage users can easily know which meetings are occurring in external Zoom meeting rooms. The meetings will show up in the following UniManage screens:

  • Manage Live Activities

  • My Meetings

General Support

Demo Session Recording

Topic: External Zoom Links for VCS- Feature Demo (US)
Start Time: May 19, 2021 07:00 PM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: Uniper2021@

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